FAMEv2 Chip


ASIC Pin Name ASIC Pin Number Description
alarm1_emsensor K1 Single pin Header output
alarm2_aesenc A11 Single pin Header output
alarm3_aesdec M12 Single pin Header output
alarmin C6 Jumper with GPIO0 to test TRAP HANDLER
alarmout D2 SMA
boot_select L1 VCC GND array on-chip/off-chip boot source select(0=on-chip, 1=offchip)
check1 K2 VCC GND array
check2 K3 VCC GND array
check3 J1 Single pin Header output
clk K7 Jumper select between on board, external(SMA)
clkout M2 SMA
dsuact L4 LED
dsubre D10 VCC GND array (DNP) need to be set to value of 0
dsuen A8 VCC GND array (DNP) need to set to value of 1
dsutx1 H12 PC
dsurx1 C11 PC
dsutx2 H10  
dsurx2 D12  
errorn B7 LED & MSP LED only
extsave L6 Jumper with Alarmout
gpio0 B3 Single pin Header output
gpio1 C3 Single pin Header output
gpio2 A4 Single pin Header output
gpio3 C4 Single pin Header output
reset G11  
txd1 M3 PC
rxd1 F10 PC
scanin L8 connect to pin Header
scanout M7 connect to pin Header
spi_csn L10 To Flash
spi_mosi M11 To Flash and external programming header
spi_sck L12 To Flash and external programming header
spio_miso A12 To Flash and external programming header
testen C1 VCC GND array (DNP) need to connect to GND
triggerout0 F2 SMA + Header
triggerout1 G3 SMA + Header
triggerout2 G1 SMA + Header
triggerout3 H2 SMA + Header
vdd E11, J11, M9, M5, J3, E3, B5, C8  
vddio B12, L2, A1, A2  
vss F12, K12, K9, K5, J2, E1, A6, B9  
vssio C12, M1, B1, A3  
wdogn A10